How to Impress in an Interview

Knowing how to present the best version of yourself during an interview is vital to helping you land the job. This article from gives some terrific tips on how to make sure you’re creating the right impression.





Your well laid out CV and engaging cover letter have landed you an invitation to interview for your ideal job. What’s standing between you and success is knowing how to impress in an interview to make a lasting impression and stand out from other candidates.


Top Tips to Impress at a Job Interview


  1. Arrive on Time

Firstly, and most importantly, make sure you arrive around ten minutes before your interview is scheduled. If you are worried that your timekeeping may let you down, give the journey a trial run beforehand if possible.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Your interviewer will probably see you before they hear you, so knowing what to wear in an interview can put you ten points ahead of the opposition before you’ve even opened your mouth. Different industries have varying expectations when it comes to dress code. […] It’s a good rule of thumb to be too formal rather than too casual, but if you want to be sure you can even ask the person scheduling your interview what their dress code is.

  1. Treat Everyone with Politeness and Professionalism

Start your courtesy at the door. Even before you get to the interview room or meet your interviewers, be well-mannered and positive with the reception staff and anyone else you encounter on the way to your interview. You could be working with them in a few weeks’ time.

  1. Benefit from Body Language

Your body language and handshake are vital in creating the right impression. Make sure you’re not avoiding eye contact, glancing nervously from side-to-side, playing with your clothing or fiddling with the zip on your bag.

  1. Be Positive

Showing a positive attitude is the single most valuable first impression you can make. To impress at a job interview, always be as positive about everything as you can – especially in the first few minutes. […] Never bad-mouth your employer, however much you might be looking forward to leaving. Show the interviewer that you’re here because you see it as a positive career move or new challenge – not because you’re running from a job you’re not happy in or were desperate to get away from.

  1. Avoiding Nerves and Building up the Right Impression

Many have asked: How to impress at an interview? Especially when these experiences are often scary, sometimes intimidating and frequently stressful. This is a theatrical performance – they are the audience, you are the performer, and you’re on your own. But don’t be freaked out by it all.

Above all it’s important to try and stay calm and to:

  • remember why you’re there
  • be clear about what you want to say and ask
  • keep your cool and don’t rush your answers


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