Video Interviews

Top tips to impress on your video interview.

More than ever, online Video Interviews are being utilised by employers during their recruitment process. At Crossley Scott we fully expect that Video Interviews will become the ‘new normal’.

It’s a new technology to a lot of us, so aside from your usual interview techniques, we’ve collated a few pointers to make Video interviewing work best for you.

1.       Consider your camera positioning.

·         Raise your webcam or laptop so the camera is level with your eyes, avoid looking down on your interviewer!
·         Keep the interviewer’s video close to your camera so you can see them and look directly at your camera simultaneously.

2.       Lights, camera, action!

·         Ensure you have good lighting on your face. Avoid sitting with a window behind you or you’ll become a silhouette!

3.       Limit background noise.

·         Find a quiet room with no distractions. Save your kids tablet time for your interview to keep background noise to a minimum!
·         Try using headphones, built in microphones often provide better sound quality.

4.       Set the scene!

·         Consider what the interviewer can see in your background. A totally blank background isn’t a necessity but keep it tidy and professional.

5.       Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

·         Unless you have an amazing Wi-Fi connection that has never let you down, plug in an Ethernet cable for extra reliability.

6.       Don’t get too comfortable!

·         Don’t forget, just because you’re at home it doesn’t change the formalities of an interview process. Make sure you are dressed professional, have researched the company and have questions to hand!

7.       Test it first!

·         Whether your asked to use Teams, Zoom, Face-time, or any other platform, ask a friend or family to test it with you first. Consider the pointers above and ask your tester if they can clear see and hear you.

For more recruitment advise you can email where we will be able to direct you to a specialist consultant. Alternatively, check out our Featured Jobs page for live vacancies.

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