Your Employer Brand Will Define Your Future

Employer brand is everything in the modern, digital world of recruitment. But what is it exactly, and how can you build a great brand which works to your advantage?

You’ve got a great product or service, and your customers trust you. When they see your brand, they know they’ll be getting something for their money. You have a reputation for quality, and it’s hard earnt. Well done. But did you know that in the modern world, you no longer just have one brand – your consumer brand, which is what we just described – to worry about. You’ve got your employer brand to worry about as well.

What is your employer brand? An employer brand is primarily defined by how a business handles its recruitment and staff. This is becoming ever more important in a world of increasing transparency. Due to the ease of employer research nowadays, recruitment is shifting towards being a sellers’ market.

What do we mean by that? The modern, savvy candidate will evaluate company brands before applying to or accepting a job – in much the same way as they’d evaluate consumer brands while shopping. They’ll be researching you as much as you’re researching them, so make your website a strong tool for engaging talent.

So, how to go about it? Firstly, ensure your website gets the weight in budget it deserves, so that it can reflect the values you want to project. Websites are company storefronts in the 21st century: they are the one-stop-shop where your services are displayed, and job hunting begins. Nowadays, many companies with the budget for it are designing separate career sites, so they can give their employer brand the emphasis it deserves, and, at the same time, acknowledge the difference between a client-facing brand and an employer one.

Of course, all this will prove to be mere window-dressing if the actual experience of employees doesn’t match up to their expectations. Gone are the days where companies could present a false image of working life without repercussion. Now, the people’s voice is unavoidably being heard. From the way your brand conducts itself on social media channels, through to business reviews on sites like Glassdoor, your brand is being constantly judged by the public, and receiving feedback all the time. Make sure yours doesn’t let you down, and consider your employer branding today.


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